SongShop Live Winter Schedule

Take a look at our upcoming classes and concerts:

February 6 & 7, 2022: Master Class with Spider Saloff

Spider says: “Hey cats! Here is your chance to have an intense course in one evening! It will be a blast.”

Some of the greatest interpreters of song have their roots in jazz. This workshop will teach you basics about time, dynamics, phrasing, using the music AND the lyrics to captivate your audience.

“As a group we will do fun exercises with improvisation and the use of dynamics. Then individuals will work on an entire song. I will discuss ‘making your voice sound like you,’ along with how to engage an audience and keep them with you. We will also discuss how to use style and grooves to put your unique mark on what you perform. Be prepared with 2 or 3 songs. We will choose one for the workshop but may have time for additional material.”

March 22, 2022: SongShop Live presents “Love Is in the Air”

Join us for a delightful evening to lift our spirits and escape the sappiest of love songs to explore all the ways love plays its games.

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