“Making jazz, Arthur Briggs, and Josephine Baker French” – an online international round table

"Making jazz, Arthur Briggs, and Josephine Baker French" - an online international round table

Making Jazz, Arthur Briggs and Josephine Baker French:

Join an international conversation about the history of African-American artists living in France, the cross-cultural stories of their fight for recognition, race relations, and the embrace of solidarity through music.

Travis Atria (author of Better Days Will Come Again, the life of Arthur Briggs), and Michèle Barbier (author of newly-published Josephine Baker, les dernières années. La renaissance d’une étoile) are joined by Dr. Rashida Braggs (Jazz Diasporas—Race, Music, and Migration in Post-World War II Paris and Rachel Anne Gillett (At Home in Our Sounds: Race, Music, and Cultural Politics in Interwar Paris).

This online forum is moderated by recently-retired commissioner of Chicago Cultural Affairs Mark Kelly. We invite our audience to add to the stories, raise questions and comments, and to celebrate the wonderful panoply of Black voices in cabaret past and present.

Brought to you by Working In Concert’s initiative of the Chicago Paris Cabaret Connexion, and inspired by Black Voices in Cabaret.

The link will be live at cabaretconnexion.org/roundtable