Up close and personal

Working In Concert is a not-for-profit, performing arts incubator. We facilitate collaborative musical projects in cabaret, opera and classical vocal arts, theatrical and popular song.

Working In Concert educates, advocates for, and mobilizes a global network of singers who use the art of song to empower lives and build community.

Our goal is to reflect the great diversity of Chicago’s population in the artists we work with, the audiences we entertain, the themes we embrace, and the way we work.

Drawing from our lived experiences, we bravely explore the human condition with compassion and character. Preferring intimate venues, we believe delivering songs and stories face-to-face has the power to transform lives and create community.

PERFORMANCE: “Up close and personal”
ADVOCACY: Advance the art of cabaret and classical vocal arts
EDUCATION: For all ages; for the development of professional and avocational artists

BELLISSIMA OPERA: An incubator for new classical works for voice
BLACK VOICES in CABARET: Spotlight on African American performers and the unsung history of Black cabaret
CHICAGO CABARET WEEK: Bringing great cabaret acts to intimate venues across Chicagoland
CHICAGO PARIS CABARET CONNEXION: An international collaboration to advance the art of cabaret
IN the CLASSROOM: Bellissima Opera Outreach and Cabaret-Paree programs for K-12 and higher education
SONGSHOP LIVE: A place to explore character and truth-telling in song

VOCAL CANVAS CONCERTS: “Hear the painting, see the song”
CABARET-PAREE and CLASSICAL CONCERTS: Intimate shows and events from our co-founders and colleagues

scene from a cabaret performance at Au Lapin Agile in Paris

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