Chicago Cabaret Week 2024

The purpose of the annual Chicago Cabaret Week is to:
Put Cabaret on the Chicago cultural map
Put Chicago on the world map as a cabaret capital
Strengthen the bonds between and among venues, artists and audiences

Thank you for your interest. To our general public, Welcome! Our next Cabaret Week will take place in mid-May 2025. Ticket info for the Featured Shows and More will be posted at (hosted by the Choose Chicago website). If you have further questions, visit our Guide.

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Artists and Venues: Submissions are closed for 2024.
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The calendar of 2024 featured performances:

  • May 10—The Beaus at Davenport’s Cabaret
  • May 11—Lou Ella Rose at Fulton Street Collective
  • May 11—Robin Watson at Fulton Street Collective
  • May 11—Cynthia Clarey at Second Church of Christ, Scientist
  • May 11—Muse: Thorne, Whimsy Stiff and Boobs Radley at Newport Theater
  • May 12—Swingin’ Sisters at Le Piano
  • May 12—Miz Cracker at Venus Cabaret Theater
  • May 13—CCP Musical Mondays (Studs’ Place, One More Time) at Rhapsody Theater
  • May 14—Lynne Jordan at The Cliff Dwellers
  • May 14—Café Carly at Hey Nonny
  • May 15—Bob Solone and guest singers at Monsignor Murphy
  • May 16—Claudia Hommel at Rockwell on the River
  • May 17—Girls Like Us at The Promontory
  • May 18—Lexa Maxa/Gary Thomas at Borelli’s
  • May 19—Hilary Ann Feldman at Epiphany Center for the Arts
  • May 19—The Cellar Boys at The Tonk
  • May 19—Sam Fazio at Vincent


  • May 10—Dee Alexander at the Promontory
  • May 10—Buddy Damen and the Last Call at the Tonk
  • May 11—The Smiley Tilman Blues Band with Kate Moss at the Tonk
  • May 12—Craig Pomranz at Davenport’s
  • May 16—”Why Can’t a Woman?” at Hey Nonny
  • May 17—Kevin Wood “Together Again” at Venus Cabaret

IN THE NEWS 2024 !

Evanston Round Table

After unexpected vocal change, opera star refocused her career on cabaret


Please post multiple times throughout April and early May. Posts or email campaigns about your featured show should always include Chicago Cabaret Week, for example:

Check out the full schedule at

“Tickets at”

“We are a part of

Optionally: Supported in part by a grant from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, Choose Chicago, the Illinois Arts Council , our ad sponsors and individual donors like you! Chicago Cabaret Week’s media sponsor is WDCB 90.9 FM radio

Cabaret has been at the heartbeat of Chicago’s nightclub scene for more than a century. Unique in the US, Chicago Cabaret Week is a 10-day festival that features a variety of blues, burlesque, jazz, American songbook, world music, R&B, pop, and Broadway by some of Chicago’s finest artists. Sample for $30 or less Chicago’s vibrant cabaret scene; explore places where performer and audience come face-to-face.


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During the first two weeks of April, please share a 15-30 sec. video in vertical position sharing something interesting about you, a rehearsal, or your show on your social media channels.   Example: Why are you excited to be part of this? or what are you working on?
You’ll find a few examples here:

Send your video clips to Charles Kouri via text: 312-310-9390 and we’ll post them on this page as well.


In lieu of a playbill or rackcard, we are preparing a trifold brochure (each panel is 3.65 x 8.5) to distribute by mail (3500 pieces) and by hand (3500 pieces). We’re counting on all venues and artists to distribute and to be sure your audience members receive it as a souvenir. The brochure will include the schedule of featured performances, all artist names, venue addresses, and sponsor ads. The Playbill ads submission deadline is April 1, using this form.


Be sure to announce your show as part of Chicago Cabaret Week and let your audience take home the CCW2024 souvenir brochure. Do thank our Chicago Cabaret Week Sponsors, especially Choose Chicago, WDCB, radio, Chicago DCASE (Department of Cultural Affairs), Donors and your Coordinators.

We strongly recommend allowing one or two CCW volunteers or coordinators (non-paying guests) to serve as greeters and Cabaret Week ambassadors at your show. They can distribute the CCW brochure and if you like, one can also announce or introduce your act as part of Cabaret Week.

Several of our media and marketing sponsors may require 2 comp tickets. If possible, please reserve 2 comp tickets with your venue. We will contact you individually with the comp request.

Last Call for the official “tour” T-Shirts this year! Order yours by May 27 to receive in early June. ORDER YOURS HERE: The T-shirts raise a very small amount of money, and are mostly for publicity and souvenirs.

A gallery of images for 2024

Chicago Cabaret Week is coordinated by :

  • Anne Burnell, Managing Director 
  • Claudia Hommel, Working in Concert
  • Hilary Feldman, Acts Of Kindness Cabaret 
  • Marty Balogh, Chicago Cabaret Professionals
  • Kyle Hustedt, The Cabaret Project
  • With PR assistance by Charles Kouri and administrative assistance by Katie Rub

  • Black Ensemble Theater (Uptown)
  • Borelli’s (Lincoln Square)
  • Cliff Dwellers Club (Loop)
  • Congregation Bene Shalom (Skokie)
  • Davenport’s (Wicker Park)
  • Drew’s on Halsted (Northalsted)
  • Epiphany Center for the Arts (West Loop)
  • Fulton Street Collective (West Loop)
  • Hey Nonny (Arlington Heights)
  • Le Piano (Rogers Park)
  • The Promontory (Hyde Park)
  • The Quarry (South Shore)
  • Vincent (Andersonville)


  • Acts Of Kindness Cabaret with Hilary Feldman, Cindy Firing, Marianne Murphy Orland
  • Anne & Mark Burnell
  • Beckie Menzie & Tom Michael
  • From the Black Voices in Cabaret roster: Arlene Armstrong, Ava Logan, David Stephens, Evelyn Danner, Gabriel Valentino, LaShera Moore Ellis, Lynne Jordan, Joyce Denise Thomas, T. Patrick Davis
  • Carla Gordon & David Meulemans
  • Claudia Hommel
  • Dee Alexander & John McLean
  • Elizabeth Doyle & David Edelfelt
  • Emily Cox
  • Feathered Beaus
  • Greta Pope
  • Kevin Wood
  • Lexa Maxa
  • Madeline Morgan
  • Philip Seward
  • Sam Fazio
  • SamaSama Project & Lou Ella Rose
  • Swingin’ Sisters (Barbara Smith, Carolyn Broquet, Tirzah Joy)
  • Wydetta Carter

IN THE NEWS 2023 !


Chicago NBC News features LeeAnn Trotter’s interview with Anne and Mark Burnell and LaShera Moore at the Epiphany Center for the Arts.

WDCB ArtsSection

Gary Zidek interviews Hilary Feldman and Claudia Hommel at 90.9 FM radio.

5 Things to Do This Weekend: Chicago Cabaret Week, Spring Street Festivals