Our sponsors

…are working in concert!

Every donation counts toward underwriting our 2020-2021 projects.

  • SongShop Scholarship Fund for ongoing sessions
  • Bellissima Opera’s Premiere in June 2021 of the Tales of Transcendence
  • September 2021 conference in Chicago of Chicago Paris Cabaret Connexion

Our 2019-2020 Individual Donors

In our first 18 months as Working In Concert, we’ve received more than $29,000 in individual donations and family grants. THANK YOU!

Molly & Steven Allscheid
Cory Anderson
Susan Arjmand
Marcia & Rick Ashton
Thomas Barnes
Pam & Harlan Berk
Carmen Bodino
Lori Branda
Deneen Marie Bryce
Caryn Caffarelli
Nanci Chesek
Douglas Cotsamire
Elizabeth Davis
Mary Ann & Don Debruin
Susan Dennis-Patton
John Farina
Janet Farr
Hilary Feldman
Cardi Fleck
Katie Frankle
Dominique Frigo in memory of Jean Martin Bell
Ruth Fuerst
Marcia Engel & Gerald Fuscone
Deborah Good

Lynda Gordon
Rachel & Dennis Hafemann
Beth Halevy
Marcia Harms
Carrie Hedges
Mary Hirsen
Elisabeth Howard
Mike Howorko
Keith & Susan Huizinga
Jessica Jagielnik
Carla Jankowski
BC (Bernice) Juettner
Tara Joyce
Jethra Kapp
Mary Ann Karris
Brendan Kelly
Cecelia Kelly
Mary G Kidd
Neil Mansfield
Cristina Marinescu
John Matthews
Mardi Gras Fund
Tony Millard

Diane Moses
Ock-Ju Noh
Timothy Pahel
Jay Peterson 
Genevieve Phelps
Joe Pokorny
Richard Pokorny
Jacques Protat
Voytek Putz
Larry Ritsert
Julia Ryan
Joyce Saxon
Barbara J Scott
Sara Schumann
Ellie Sharpe
David Stephens & Daniel Johnson
Diane Stephenson
Stephanie Stewart
Streska Family Foundation (Jerome F Crotty)
Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Barbara Van Eekeren
Richard Weiland
Clyde Whitaker
Diana Wilson
Gary W Woll
Wrigley Corporation employer match
Mary Catherine Wygonik
Robert Yassan
Keynote donors of $500 or more are in bold.

Grants 2019-2020

Working In Concert received two grants in 2020 from the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs (DCASE): a CityArts grant to support our operating budget ($3,000) and a Special Projects grant for the Year of Chicago Music in support of the 4th international conference of Chicago Paris Cabaret Connexion to be held in Chicago in August 2021.

Claudia Hommel received a DCASE Individual Artists Project grant to support the travel expenses of five collaborators to the Cabaret Connexion Tour de France in 2019.

Venue support

We thank the managers and family members of venues who gave us their space on an in-kind basis: 

Cabaret Lapin Agile (Paris)
Studio Raspail (Paris)
L’Harmattan Publishers (Paris)
Salle Olympe de Gouges (Paris)
Salle Molière at the National Opera house (Montpellier)
Trinque Fougasse O’Nord (Montpellier)
Jean Capy’s Villa des roses (Sète)
Cliff Dwellers Club (Chicago)
DePaul School of Music (Chicago)
Ruth Fuerst & Jim Block (Hyde Park, Chicago)
Drew’s on Halsted (Chicago)
Marchesa (Chicago)
Louise Gale (River Forest)
Pam & Harlan Berk (River Forest)
Hunters Restaurant (Elmwood Park)
Lakehouse Restaurant (Lake Bluff)

And we thank the dozens of singers who gave of their time to perform at the many Chicago fundraising concerts. They are listed at our Past Events page.