Stay tuned for our programs of Fall 2023 !

JULY 9 – a resounding success in River Forest

Fest: Music Direction by Carl Ratner, Howie Pfiefer, and Dana Brown featuring Susan Arjmand, Jessie Bolger, Susan Lewis Friedman, Dominique Frigo, Rose Guccione, Sean Harris, Claudia Hommel, Elisabeth Howard, Rosalind Hurwitz, Carl Ratner, Katie Rub, Bradley Schuller, Barbara Smith, Christine Steyer, Suzanne Walsh.

JULY 30 — a community love affair in ALBANY PARK

The Swingin’ Sisters (Barbara, Carolyn and Tirzah) took the lead with Cabaret Connexion travelers David Hoffman, Claudia Hommel, Jeanne Franks, Susan Arjmand, Lou Ella Rose, and SongShop singers Ren Lara, Carol Weston, Christian Halvorsen, Ruth Fuerst, Staci Kelley, Susan Dennis, and guest Rosalind Hurwitz. Peter Storms at the keyboard.