David M. Stephens

After 35 years of entertaining as a magician and circus clown in the Metro New York City area, David moved to Chicagoland in 2014 and, under the influence of his spouse Dan Johnson, has embraced the art of singing. A frequent participant in SongShop, his musical influences lean towards jazz, pop and R&B (with a touch of Broadway). In 2016 he debuted in CCP’s “Strut Your Stuff ” showcase and premiered his first solo show The Times of My Life at Davenport’s in 2019. He initiated the call in 2020 for Black Voices in Cabaret and serves as its managing director, successfully steering the March 2021 online Healing through Song forum and concert series, and emceeing BVIC’s shared concert of 100 Years of Chicago Cabaret. By day, he serves as a federal employee.