Arts in the Dark “Halloweek” Parade

Arts in the Dark "Halloweek" Parade

Called by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

We had too much fun on our Ferris Bueller float with Ryan Stajmiger as “Ferris”. All along State Street our audience was the most colorful, smiling-est crowd ever to be introduced to Chicago Cabaret.
Far left: Gabriel Valentino as Luigi (in blue and green), David Reithoffer in the Paris firefighters uniform, Sondra Zaharias in yellow. Kyle Hustedt in teal, Hilary Feldman (in leg warmers), Cheryl Szucsits. Danke Schoen dancers include 3 from Ellen Winters’ voice studio, plus Pam Peterson, Claudia Hommel and Anne Burnell (in pigtails) along, Sami Scot with accordion,and Joe our sound man.