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    Fall 2022: A collaboration with Guild Literary Complex to explore Music and Poetry among Black Voices

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    Black Voices in Cabaret was initiated by Black performers who have met through SongShop and Cabaret Connexion. We seek to bring the great variety of African American music and performers to the cabaret stage. Our goal is to use the power and intimacy of cabaret to advance the place of Black voices in our society. […]

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  • The beginning of Black Voices in Cabaret

    In the NYC-based Bistro Awards News, Why Is Color Mostly Absent from Cabaret Stages? Lisa Jo Segolla writes “. . . cabaret is decidedly monochrome. Cabaret stages and audiences are populated predominantly by white folks. Why is this? What are the ramifications of such racial uniformity? Is anyone doing anything about it?” Managing Director, David Stephens, gave a […]

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  • Thank You!

    To our fellow artists, audience members and donors… we can’t do this without you, so thank you again! We invite you to: Sign up for the occasional newsletter Make a recurring donation Volunteer your office, social, management and artistic skills Share our news via Social Media and follow our Facebook group and page Join us […]

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  • Welcome to a Brand New Day!

    View the video of our February 14, 2021 concert below. Thanks for filling the tip jar before or after the show! COMMENTS from the afterglow chat: Loved this show! Thank you ALL! Bravo to everyone. This has been a GREAT show! So delightful. Wowza!☺ This is the best SongShop show: good vocalists and perfect length […]

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  • About Black Voices in Cabaret

    Black Voices in Cabaret, an initiative of Working In Concert, is a project that highlights Black entertainers, both past and present, in the world of Cabaret. Cabaret is a place where audience is face to face with dancers, spoken-word artists, gender-fluid entertainers, musicians, magicians, variety arts entertainers, and singers. Cabaret is inclusive of all musical genres, such […]

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    General photos

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  • Help Us Match Our Illinois Arts Council Grant

    This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency. Join our campaign to match this fund by visiting our donation page here. When making this donation please earmark it for Black Voices. THANK YOU for donating by March 28th, 2021.

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  • The Problem with Minstrelsy

    Since ancient times satire has been a powerful form of theater with socio-political ramifications.  So, it is not surprising that the first uniquely American popular entertainment, the Minstrel Show, was born in the spirit of satire. Originally intended to “lampoon” Black slave society, its main purpose was to amuse through ridicule. Sadly, in this it […]

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