Welcome to a Brand New Day!

View the video of our February 14, 2021 concert below.

Thanks for filling the tip jar before or after the show!

COMMENTS from the afterglow chat:

  • Loved this show! Thank you ALL!
  • Bravo to everyone. This has been a GREAT show!
  • So delightful. Wowza!☺
  • This is the best SongShop show: good vocalists and perfect length
  • Perfection!
  • Congratulations, Everyone!! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Beautiful performance everybody.
  • High quality music tonight.
  • Thank you all for such a lovely concert today. It warmed our hearts!
  • What a great experience to be a part of this show! I’m so thankful for everyone I worked with!
  • Beautiful way to spend a cold Valentine’s afternoon! Thank you!
  • Great job on filming and editing, Paul Brennan!
  • Congratulations & love to everyone.