Western Michigan University opera department

proudly presents the collegiate premiere of

“On Call: COVID-19”

“Extraordinary! Compelling!
Powerful and preeminently useful,
in 59 minutes, this opera has endless possibilities
and it will retain them even as COVID passes on.”
– Karen K., North Carolina

Click below to view the half-hour Aria Showcase and the one hour Opera:

Today’s playbill is HERE

The opera’s three scenes look in on a series of online conference calls by six medics from Chicago, Seoul, Rio de Janeiro, Lombardy, New York City, and a Syrian refugee camp near Beirut as they each struggle with the unfolding pandemic. During these calls, they provide a lifeline to each other, and ultimately discover kindness and compassion can be as powerful as a tool as a vaccine and a ventilator. “On Call” is drawn from 200 articles about global healthcare workers facing the COVID-19 pandemic. Each cast member has chosen their own character’s name to honor either a healthcare worker or someone who has died from COVID.

Additional donations to further the development of this opera can be made at workinginconcert.org/donate. THANK YOU!

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