Healthy Singing––Our New Year’s Resolution for Vocal Health

Healthy Singing––Our New Year's Resolution for Vocal Health

Christine Steyer offers a special session on Healthy Singing––A New Year’s Resolution for Vocal Health

Join award-winning soprano and voice teacher Christine Steyer for a fun-filled session on maintaining a healthy singing voice. We will explore body parts involved in producing a powerful and nuanced sound. All attendees will participate in group and individual singing as each concept is presented: 

  • diaphragmatic vs chest breathing
  • activating pelvic floor
  • the intercostal muscles
  • good posture
  • clear vowels for vocal production
  • articulating consonants
  • correct singing while sitting

A playlist of performances by great singers will be sent in advance to view. Singers should be prepared to sing a portion of a lyrical and an upbeat song.

How DO they do that? Let’s find out together.

Cost $45 – Limited to 12 performers

A small number of scholarships are available.

Auditors: $25 (Auditors participate in group singing only if desired). 

Location in River Forest easily accessible by both the Green Line and Harlem bus. Location will be sent upon registration. 

Snacks provided.

Start your new year right with this session on vocal health