Operas premiere in 2021/2022

Tales of Transcendence: Intimate operas celebrating stories of everyday people who, as individuals and groups, have transcended the human divide. 

Working In Concert’s Bellissima Opera will premiere live in June 2022, in Chicago.

FUTURE PERFECT (a full length opera) co-created with 1,300 Chicago area youth. This opera tells the adventures of Miranette, an intuitive and curious girl on a journey toward self-discovery, who leaves a society which has lost its connection to the outside world. Along her way, she meets a colorful cast of characters, and their encounters become interwoven in quantum entanglement; a state where anything is possible.

Working In Concert’s Bellissima Opera premiered ONLINE in April 2021:

ON CALL: COVID-19 (a short opera) honoring the stories of frontline health-care workers. During a virtual call, six health-care workers on the frontline of the COVID pandemic support one who is on the verge of collapse from the strain. These workers, residing in Chicago, New York, Lombardy, Seoul, Rio de Janeiro and a Syrian Refugee Camp, each share personal stories of compassion, courage, heartbreak, frustration and hope.

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