Praise for Cabaret In The Classroom

Students and teachers simply love experiencing French cabaret performances. Here is some of their feedback:

Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed your performance today. You truly inspired me and brought tears to my eyes. I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch in my life, but today you brought me much happiness and I am very grateful —

Devin Echle, student at Poland Seminary High School, Ohio

French is a totally elective subject at our school, so a program such as this is truly an inspiration and a motivation for students to continue studying the language.

Pat Seabright, French Teacher, Neshaminy Middle School, Pennsylvania

“A stellar performance! … thank you for taking me to Paris along with you…I found your show to be most amazing and interesting, and I think that other high schools would enjoy your show just as much as I did. Do you ever think about touring the United States with your program?”

James Sherwood, Robinson High School, Robinson, Illinois

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